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Since 1965, we at Suburban have proven our experience, professionalism, and resources to warrant your full confidence in our residential heating installations. Our experts will match an appropriate HVAC system to your home that meets your budget requirements and optimizes total cost of ownership (ongoing operational costs). We keep you warm AND save you money by being well versed in the most energy efficient systems to suit any comfort need. Additionally, we proactively stay informed of all the manufacturer incentive programs and utility rebates, which we happily pass on to our clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

At the start of any home heating installation project, we thoroughly evaluate your residence prior to proposing new equipment to ensure that your new heating system will meet or exceed your expectations while falling in the aforementioned budgetary guidelines, as they exist. Additionally, we take great pride in providing you with products that offering the best warranties in the industry. Comfort abound.

Are you considering a new or updated heating system, but are unsure of “the right time”?
Here are some signs that indicate it’s probably time to invest in your home’s heating environment:

  • Age of your heating system. If you’re north of 15 years, it’s time to start weighing your options.
  • Experiencing a sharp rise in accumulating repair bills. If they’re “accumulating” at all outside of general maintenance agreements, it’s probably time…
  • The replacement of large internal components. If you’re in the position of repairing, you may be better served replacing.
  • Experiencing a decrease in productivity? Refer to the “age of your heating system” above.
  • Sharp increase in energy bills. Outside of the obvious hike in utility rates that we experience from time to time, you shouldn’t see a huge increase from month-to-month unless of course your furnace (or any other heating solution) is not operating efficiently.
  • Consistent indoor temperature. If it’s not consistent from room-to-room (depending on the setup of the system, of course), something is amiss. There could be a number of issues here, so you’re probably best served to ask a professional.
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The Suburban Difference

  • A management team with over 100 years of HVAC experience.
  • Continually trained, licensed and certified technical teams.
  • Long term, fulltime employees that successfully passed stringent background checks.
  • Custom designed heating/cooling solutions.
  • Support staff that works to get you every rebate and credit possible, during and after the installation of your new system.
  • We will never sell you something you don’t need for the sake of the sale.
  • Consultation by phone or in person is always without charge or obligation.

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