Heat Pump Repair in Westwood, MA

A heat pump provides energy-efficient heating and cooling for homes in Westwood, MA, and the surrounding areas. Yet like all heating and cooling systems, they can require attention. When your heat pump needs repair, trust the team at Suburban HVAC to do the job quickly and accurately.

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Benefits of a Working Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a great way to efficiently heat and cool your home in Westwood, MA. There are several benefits of installing and using a heat pump, including:

  • 2-in-1 functionality – A heat pump both heats and cools your home, giving you year-round home comfort.
  • Energy efficiency – Heat pumps are some of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling options, and they do not use fuel, so they do not create emissions.
  • Improved home value – Many home buyers value heat pumps for their energy efficiency, so this can add value to your home.

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits? Keep your heat pump in good repair with help from Suburban HVAC. Call 781-769-1515 or contact us online if you need help with your heat pump.

In an emergency?

Heat Pump Repair in Westwood, MA

Heat pumps usually run without an issue, but from time to time, they will need to be repaired. When you need repair, you can trust Suburban HVAC to do the job quickly. We are standing by to assist with your heat pump repair needs, with trustworthy, experienced technicians who can help get things back up and running again.

How can you tell if your heat pump needs repair? Some signs that it’s time to call a pro include:

  • Reduced heating output – If your heat pump isn’t pumping out warm air when you need it to, it may be in need of repair.
  • Higher electricity bills – If your electricity bills are going up, and your electricity use hasn’t changed, then it may be a sign that you need repair.
  • Short-cycling – If the heat pump switches on and off without really kicking in, then it’s a sign things aren’t working properly.
  • Noisy operation – If you’re hearing too much noise from your system, call the pros at Suburban HVAC to have it looked at.

At the first sign of problems, get professional help by calling 781-769-1515 or contacting our team for help.

Why Choose a Professional for Heat Pump Repair?

When your heat pump isn’t working, your home loses both its heating and its cooling source. You need prompt repair to ensure things keep working properly. Trying to DIY the repair puts you at higher risk for bigger breakdowns. Instead, contact a professional who has the right knowledge of how heat pumps work and can repair it properly. That professional is with Suburban HVAC.

Schedule heat pump repairs with Suburban HVAC by calling 781-769-1515.

Heat Pump Repair FAQs

Should I repair or replace my heat pump?

If the cost of repair is about half the cost of replacement, or if the heat pump is 10 or more years old, then you might want to consider replacement instead of repair.

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air?

Heat pumps operate on the principle of heat transfer, so the air coming out may not be extremely hot in heating mode. If it is actually cold, however, it may be because it’s in defrost mode. This happens when your heat pump starts to build up ice.

How often should the heat pump be serviced?

Schedule heat pump maintenance at the start of both the heating and cooling seasons to ensure optimal function.


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