Electric Furnace Services in Westwood, MA

With winter temperatures in Westwood dipping into the teens, you need a reliable heating system to keep your family warm. Electric furnaces offer a long-lasting solution that is less likely to break down than gas or propane furnaces. Although they are simpler than their counterparts, electric furnaces are still complicated machines running dangerous amounts of current. It takes a trained expert to safely install, maintain, and repair an electric furnace.

When you need electric furnace services in Westwood, trust a company with 50+ years of experience working on them. At Suburban HVAC, we focus on meeting your comfort needs with heating solutions tailored to your home, budget, and situation. We provide expert electric furnace repair, maintenance, and installation to keep your home warm through the coldest of winters.

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About Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are a simple, safe, and long-lasting method for heating your home. While electricity is generally more expensive than natural gas or propane, these furnaces are cheaper to buy, install, and repair than their counterparts. In areas without access to natural gas or propane, electric furnaces are the perfect home heating device. They’re also ideal for situations where venting isn’t possible, or for homeowners who prefer not to rely on flammable fuels.

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In an emergency?

Our Electric Furnace Services in Westwood

Our experienced heating team can handle any issue with your electric furnace in Westwood. Whether you need electric furnace repair, replacement, or simply maintenance, take comfort – we’ll be right over.

Electric Furnace Repair

If your electric furnace won’t turn on, runs continuously, is making loud noises, or is running up your electric bill, call in the electric furnace experts at Suburban for quick diagnosis and repair. With 24/7 emergency furnace repair service, our team is ready to handle any issue you have with your electric furnace – at any time! Our experienced technicians will get to the root of the problem, fully explain their findings, and help you make a choice that’s in your best interests.

Our skilled HVAC technicians are experienced in repairing these common electric furnace problems:

  • Loose wires
  • Improperly sized or dirty fuses
  • Faulty starting capacitor
  • Transformer failure
  • Bad blower motor
  • Broken heating elements
  • Faulty sequencer
  • Broken limit control

For quick electric furnace repair in Westwood, call the experts at Suburban! Our HVAC technicians are standing by 24/7. Give us a call at 781-769-1515 or contact us online today!

Electric Furnace Maintenance

No matter how well your electric furnace was installed or how good of a unit it is, it needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Over time, parts can become dirty, worn, misaligned, or lose lubrication. Maintenance from a knowledgeable HVAC technician can correct small issues and keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency. Annual maintenance not only prevents breakdowns, it also extends the life of your unit, adding to the years of service you can get out of your investment.

During a maintenance visit, our skilled technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your electric furnace and test all components. They’ll calibrate and lubricate all parts to ensure that your electric furnace will be ready for when you need it most.

To keep your electric furnace running at peak performance, call Suburban for electric furnace maintenance in Westwood. You can reach us at 781-769-1515 or contact us online today!

Electric Furnace Installation

When it’s time for a new furnace in your Westwood home, the heating experts at Suburban will make sure that you get the best setup for your needs. We provide expert guidance and service to:

  • Evaluate your heating needs
  • Help you choose the best system for those needs
  • Size your electric furnace for your home
  • Expertly install your new electric furnace
  • Optimize your electric furnace for maximum performance in your home

At Suburban, we understand that a new furnace is a big – often unexpected – investment. We never want your family to be without heat in a Westwood winter, so we offer flexible financing options to fit your budget. You’ll be able to enjoy your new electric furnace without stressing over finances!

For expert electric furnace installation in Westwood, call 781-769-1515 or contact us online today!

FAQs About Electric Furnaces

How long do electric furnaces last?

Electric furnaces have long life spans, lasting 20-30 years with proper maintenance.

What are the benefits of electric furnaces over gas and propane furnaces?

Because they don’t burn fuel, electric furnaces don’t require special venting, fuel pipes, or storage tanks. They also have no risk of carbon monoxide, and a much lower risk of fire when compared to gas and propane furnaces. Additionally, electric furnaces are easier to maintain than gas or propane furnaces.

How do electric furnaces work?

Instead of combusting fuel to generate heat, electric furnaces work more like a hair dryer or toaster. They pull air into the system and through a heat exchanger, where electric elements warm it up. The warm air is then pushed through the ductwork of your home.

Choose Suburban HVAC for Electric Furnace Services in Westwood, MA

Don’t trust just anyone with your home’s heating! When you need help with your electric furnace, come to the caring professionals at Suburban. We’ve been providing heating solutions to the Westwood community since 1965. We focus on bringing cost-effective, energy-efficient heating services to our customers. When you choose Suburban, you’re choosing:

  • Over 50 years of HVAC experience
  • A focus on energy efficiency
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fast response times and a dedicated customer service representative
  • HVAC technicians that are NATE, QIV, and EPA certified
  • Recipients of the Carrier President’s Award for Excellence

For reliable electric furnace services in Westwood, trust the local HVAC company with 50+ years of experience! We offer 24/7 electric furnace repair, electric furnace maintenance, and electric furnace installation. Give us a call at 781-769-1515or contact us online today!


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