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Delivering Trusted AC Maintenance in Westwood, Massachusetts

Regularly maintaining your AC system is one of the best ways to prevent major repairs. Suburban HVAC has a dedicated team to keep your Westwood, MA, home cool during the spring and summer months.

An AC unit is essential to your home’s comfort. You can trust Suburban HVAC to provide services, whether it’s regularly scheduled maintenance or emergency services. When you call Suburban HVAC, you’re calling a family-owned business that will guarantee cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions to your AC system.

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Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance has a variety of benefits, aside from being a cost-effective solution for repairs and emergency visits in the long run. The benefits of regularly scheduled AC maintenance include:

  • Lower chance of breakdowns and big repairs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Potentially lower energy bills
  • Better system performance
  • Improved air quality
  • Longer unit life span
  • Improved home comfort

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Recommended

There are many different aspects to preventive maintenance and why it’s important for your AC systems. Some of these reasons include:

  • Dirty condenser coils increase your electrical bill
  • Dirty evaporator coils (even with a small amount of dirt) can decrease efficiency, increase operating costs, and be a major cause of compressor failure
  • A low or high refrigerant charge can cause compressor failure
  • Loose belts and worn pulleys decrease airflow
  • Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail
  • Algae can plug a condensation drain, which can cause expensive water damage

With all that could go wrong with your system, maintenance visits are your best chance to catch minor issues before they become major ones.

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Cooling Maintenance FAQs

How often should I schedule cooling maintenance?

At Suburban, we recommend scheduling AC maintenance once a year, specifically at the beginning of spring. If you plan it in early spring, you can avoid the rush and get the best function out of your air conditioning system all season.

How can I improve my home's cooling efficiency and performance?

Cooling maintenance is a key component of having an efficient cooling system. You can also improve your system’s efficiency by changing the filter every 30 to 60 days, which will promote better airflow through the system. Using a programmable or smart thermostat will help you maximize your comfort settings as you use your system.

What happens if I skip cooling maintenance?

If you skip cooling maintenance, you may not notice any problems at first. However, over time, the system will start running less efficiently. You may have more breakdowns throughout the year. The system will also have a shorter life span due to skipping your maintenance appointment. The best way to get the most out of your cooling system is to schedule yearly maintenance.

What maintenance can I do on my own?

In addition to your annual cooling maintenance check, you can do some tasks on your own. Changing your furnace filter, for instance, can help improve your system’s efficiency and life span. You can also keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of debris and brush, which will further improve efficiency.

What are some benefits of air conditioning maintenance?

You may enjoy a longer life span from your AC unit when you invest in air conditioning maintenance. You may also benefit from fewer breakdowns and improved overall efficiency. Finally, your system will keep your home more comfortable with even cooling throughout.


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