Zoned AC Systems

Is the temperature in your house a source of constant argument? Do some rooms seem to get hotter or cooler than others? If you’re struggling to find a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home, Suburban HVAC can help with a zoned air conditioning system.

What Is Zoned Air Conditioning?

Zoned air conditioning is an innovative cooling system that splits your home into different zones and separately controls each zone’s temperature. This gives homeowners more control than a typical central AC system that regulates the entire home at one temperature.

Zoned AC systems control the amount of cold air flowing into each zone with electronic dampers. These dampers function similarly to valves, blocking or letting air through at strategic places in your ductwork. A central thermostat or multiple thermostats placed in each zone controls the dampers and can be programmed to adjust the temperature.

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Customize Your Zones for Optimal Comfort

Versatility and total customization are appealing aspects of AC zoning. You can choose exactly how your home is zoned, from a single room to an entire floor. Here are a few options:

  • Different floors: Top floors often run hotter than lower floors since heat rises
  • Room function: Specialized rooms like a home gym may require more cool air, while a baby’s room should be less drafty.
  • Sun exposure: Rooms or floors with large, open windows that let in lots of sunlight generally need additional cooling.

Pros of a Zoning AC System

In addition to customization, there are even more benefits to zoned AC installation for Westwood, MA homes:

  • Energy savings up to 30% on average
  • Less dust, dander, and pollen spread throughout the house
  • Better cooling for second-story rooms that run hotter
  • Fewer arguments over the thermostat!

Cons of a Zoning AC System

If you’re considering a zoning AC system, there are some drawbacks to consider, including:

  • High initial cost, especially if your existing duct system needs to be redesigned.
  • If your system isn’t designed properly, you won’t reap the energy savings benefits.

Still interested? Suburban HVAC can help you navigate these cons. We are proud to offer excellent financing options for all our zoned AC systems, making it easier and more affordable to get this comfort technology for your Westwood, MA home.

You can also be assured that our trained technicians will install your zoned AC system correctly and efficiently the first time. You will start feeling more comfortable right away, and soon the energy savings will show up on your bills!

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Is Zoned AC Right for Me?

A zoned AC system can be installed in any home, but it can be especially beneficial for multi-story homes or homes that have:

  • High ceilings
  • Finished attic or basement
  • Large or numerous windows
  • Spare rooms that are rarely used
  • Temperature variations

Our Trusted Products

Our skilled zoned AC installation and cooling equipment technicians have been providing Westwood and Norfolk County homeowners with top-notch air conditioner systems and installations for over 55 years. We put you first, offering up the full extent of our experience, training, and knowledge to ensure you get value and dependable home cooling.

In Massachusetts, you can’t select better heating and cooling equipment than Carrier’s Infinity line of products installed by Suburban HVAC – your trusted source in Westwood, MA, for all your heating and cooling needs.

With the breakthrough technology that Carrier uses, you can be assured that your new system will run efficiently and that with the technicians at Suburban, your installation will be done correctly. We also offer zoned AC repair and maintenance services to keep your system in top shape and your family comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoned AC

How does zoning work?

The zoned AC system is controlled by either a central thermostat or a zone-specific thermostat that activates the dampers to increase or decrease airflow. Once your preferred temperature is reached within the zone, the thermostat tells the dampers to close.

How many zones do I need?

Suburban’s HVAC experts can help you design the zones based on your home’s individual setup. Many homeowners choose to divide their home by upstairs and downstairs, but you can choose zones for your family’s comfort needs.

Are zoned AC systems noisy?

HVAC systems have come a long way in reducing unpleasant operating noises. Your Suburban HVAC technician can give you specific information on noise levels based on how it will operate within your home.

Can zoned AC be installed in homes with ductwork?

Zoned air conditioners are generally associated with ductless or mini-split systems. However, they can be used within existing ductwork though it may require a more extensive installation process. Dampers can be installed within the ducts and can be controlled manually or via a thermostat.

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Get Started with Your Zoned AC Today!

A zoned AC system could be the answer to a more comfortable and peaceful household, keeping your home at just the right temperature for everyone all summer long. This is a long-term investment that can also increase the value of your Westwood, MA home. Ready to learn more? Suburban HVAC is happy to walk you through the entire process, explain how the installation can be financed, and determine how to zone your home.

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