Heat Pumps

If you are looking for the most efficient way to both heat and cool your home, a heat pump may fit the bill well. In Westwood, MA, many homeowners use a heat pump to capture heat energy from outside their homes as they seek to keep their homes comfortable. Suburban HVAC has a full list of heat pump services to help keep your home comfortable.

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Why Choose a Heat Pump in Westwood, MA?

In Westwood, you have many options to heat your home, but a heat pump can be a good choice. Heat pumps use energy from the outdoor air to heat and cool air inside your home, so they provide year-round home comfort. They are efficient and operate quietly, giving you ideal comfort with minimal disruption.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a heat pump, or do you already have a heat pump? We have a comprehensive list of heat pump services to help. Call Suburban at 781-769-1515to schedule heat pump repair, heat pump maintenance, or heat pump installation & replacement in Westwood, MA.

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Heat Pump Services in Westwood, MA

Keeping your heat pump running is easy when you partner with Suburban. We have a full list of heat pump services designed to keep your home comfortable. You can trust our experienced HVAC pros for:

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Heat pumps last about 15 years. If it’s time to start thinking about a new one, or you want to change from a furnace to a heat pump, Suburban is ready to help. We have trained HVAC technicians who can help you find the right heat pump, then professionally install it in your home.

Heat Pump Repair

If you have a heat pump that’s not functioning properly, our reliable team will get it back up and running again. We can repair all types of heat pumps to ensure your home comfort is protected.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Avoid the risk of unnecessary repair or inflated energy bills with heat pump maintenance. Let our technicians inspect, clean, and optimize your heat pump, so you can enjoy better function and less risk of a breakdown.

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Choose a Professional for HVAC Services in Westwood, MA

Whether you are installing a new heat pump or are looking to have yours repaired, you need a trained HVAC tech on the job. Suburban has licensed, NATE-certified technicians standing by to help you with your heat pump needs. We put over a century of experience to work for you to ensure optimal results.

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Heat Pump FAQS

Can heat pumps work well below freezing?

When temperatures dip below freezing, heat pumps lose their efficiency. Most systems have backup fuel-based heating systems that kick in when the temperature drops too low. This allows you to benefit from the efficiency of a heat pump while still enjoying warmth during a cold snap.

What size heat pump do I need?

Installing a heat pump in the proper size is important to ensure it operates efficiently. A professional HVAC technician can help you find the right heat pump for your home’s square footage.

How can I tell if my heat pump needs repairs?

If you’re noticing a lack of efficiency, unusual noises or smells, or cold air coming from your vents, these are all signs that you need professional heat pump repair services.


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