Residential HVAC Maintenance in Westwood, MA

Heating and cooling systems are complex pieces of equipment. They have many moving parts that must work in tandem to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Over time, those parts can wear out or break down. Routine HVAC maintenance gives a qualified HVAC technician the chance to inspect the system and ensure everything is in good working order. Suburban HVAC offers HVAC maintenance as part of our comprehensive HVAC services, giving you confidence in your system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

At the start of the summer or late in the spring, we recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance. At your maintenance appointment, we will check your system both inside and outside your home. We will clean the outdoor compressor and the indoor unit as well, so you enjoy optimal performance. This appointment lets you enter the cooling season with confidence that your system will serve you well all season long with low repair risk.

Make sure you are ready for the demands of summer with your AC maintenance appointment with Suburban HVAC.

Heating Maintenance

Your heating system needs to have its own maintenance appointment at the start of the winter. A furnace needs to be reliable to keep your Westwood home warm through the winter, and a furnace maintenance appointment is vital to that. Suburban HVAC can assist with our skilled team of HVAC pros who are ready to give your unit a thorough, comprehensive assessment.

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Pros and Cons of Routine Tune-Ups for Your HVAC System

An HVAC system needs maintenance to run at its best, but the main drawback of this is spending money on your system when it’s not broken. Before assuming that this would be a waste of money, remember the perks of HVAC maintenance. With an investment in HVAC maintenance, you may enjoy:

  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Less risk of needing HVAC repair
  • Improved overall home comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Longer life span for your HVAC system

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Suburban HVAC is a well-known name in Westwood because we have operated as a family-owned business in the area since 1965. We have cost-effective heating and cooling solutions, including HVAC maintenance, that you can trust. We have NATE- and EPA-certified technicians who keep up with the latest industry training, giving us an edge over the competition. You can be confident that the HVAC maintenance we perform will be thorough, your system will run well, and you will have reliable heating and cooling throughout the year.

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HVAC Maintenance FAQs

What is done during HVAC maintenance appointments?

A technician will check everything at an HVAC maintenance appointment, including the condensate pump, circuits, safety controls, caps, and valves. The filter gets changed if needed, and all connections get tightened. Finally, the system is cleaned.

How often should residential HVAC maintenance happen?

Schedule HVAC maintenance at the start of both the cooling and heating seasons for optimal performance.

Is HVAC maintenance necessary?

Technically, no, but if you want the best performance and efficiency out of your system, you need to maintain it.


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