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The Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Systems

As we know, cooling system technologies have come a long, long way. While many people still think of “traditional” window style air conditioning units as the norm, we’d be far remiss if we didn’t attempt to educate you on the benefits of utilizing a ductless mini split system which not only provides great cooling comfort, but, on the flipside, great added warmth during the cooler seasons as well.

Comprised of a small outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler, ductless mini split systems work in a similar way to central air systems but on a smaller, more defined scale. To a large degree, split ductless air conditioning has become the popular choice for homes and businesses where traditional cooling systems cannot be feasibly installed for financial or real estate purposes.

Part of the beauty of a ductless mini split system is right in the name of the product itself. Ductless. A real benefit of being a ductless system is that the conditioning units do not require the expansive ductwork used in traditional central air configurations. The mini split is installed to the wall in the room of your choice, and, in some cases, multiple head units are dispersed throughout the home for increased comfort and efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, ductless mini split systems are up to 30% more efficient than central or window units, which means they cool (or heat) your home faster and keep it that way (assuming you have good insulation of course).

Further benefits:

  • Big savings: The keen ability to cool or heat specific areas of your home at specific/variable times allows you to control costs as well as temperature. The savings can be substantial, and many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to see how much their utility bills drop once they are no longer cooling an entire building all day long.
  • Minimal noise: Ductless mini split system are quiet. So, so quiet. They are much quieter than a central or window air conditioning system options, which is imperative to some consumers who have had trouble getting to sleep listening to the rattle, hum, and rumbles of other available products on the market.
  • Compact size: A ductless system takes up a minimal amount of space, and, being that it’s installed on the wall, you’ve got nothing to trip over, or brace in a window. It’s out of the way, and, as mentioned, super quiet.
    Versatility: Ductless mini split units can be used to cool and heat areas that are difficult to reach – such as spaces/challenges in older homes, as well as a variety of settings such as offices, hospitals, hotels, and even schools.
  • Improve the air around you while improving that carbon footprint: Ductless mini split systems help you and the environment breathe easier thanks to efficient filters that remove larger allergens and particles. These filters can also be cleaned and used over again, generating less waste.
    Security: Last but not least… Sure, the price written on the tag of a window air conditioning unit is probably going to be less on the surface, but consider this – they’re far less dynamic (they can’t heat), and, they’re easy to push in, granting unwavered access to unwanted trespassers. Seriously.

Like any of the products we offer here at Suburban Companies – the team is as important as the solution you choose. Ductless mini split systems come in many different sizes with regard to how they service an area, so you want a system that best fits the space you’re looking to condition. Some contractors will simply sell you the biggest one they’ve got, right out of the box. We take greater comfort in maximizing our customer’s comfort, so we want to outfit you with exactly what you need keeping both the environment and your wallet a little greener.

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