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In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioner. He was tired of sweating through his clothes and losing pages to the damp at his printing plant in Brooklyn, NY, and began experimenting until he came up with something like our modern technology.

Over 100 years later, we’re still grateful to Mr. Carrier, especially as the long, hot summer weather approaches. But his device has been upgraded quite a bit, and modern ACs are a little complicated, especially when it comes to repairs. Major parts, especially the compressor, can experience critical failure if old or not properly maintained, and unless you’re a Carrier yourself (or an AC tech) it will be challenging to DIY a solution.

Suburban HVAC may not be related to Willis, but we’re well versed in just about every AC on the market and in Massachusetts homes. And we have some good news – if your AC compressor fails, it doesn’t always mean you need a whole new AC!

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What Can Go Wrong with AC Compressors

The AC compressor’s main function is to circulate the refrigerant that allows heat exchange through the unit’s coils between the indoor and outdoor unit. Think of it as the heart of your AC, as its functions are similar. The compressors also make sure sufficient energy is being applied to the refrigerant to put it in an active state. Many things, some big, and some quick fixes, can contribute to AC compressor failure, including:

  • Dirty coils or blocked lines (“compressor cholesterol”) create pressure buildup and overheat the compressor
  • Too much (or not enough) refrigerant (“AC blood”) strains the compressor
  • Outside contaminants (soot, leaves, bird droppings, a frisbee) cause damage or buildup
  • Poorly sized suction lines (“AC veins”) cause refrigerant leaks
  • Not enough oil or lubricant (more “AC blood”) to keep things running smoothly

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AC Compressor FAQs

How much does it cost to replace an AC compressor?

The cost varies and will depend on a number of factors including the size and model of your AC and the severity of the failure. When you work with Suburban HVAC, you’ll always know exactly what your options are and what’s the most cost-effective.

How do I know if my AC compressor is broken or damaged?

Basically, look for signs that your AC is not doing its job, or is doing it loudly. Strange noises, constant kicking on and off, leaks, and warm or reduced airflow are all telltale signs that something might be wrong.

Is it worth replacing an AC compressor?

While the AC compressor is an expensive repair or replacement compared to other parts of the AC, it might still be worth replacing the one part as opposed to getting rid of your whole system. Suburban HVAC will work with you to determine what the right move is to get you back to cool, comfortable, and cost-effective airflow.

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Why Choose Suburban HVAC for Your AC Compressor Needs?

We will never rush through a conversation or a job, and will take the time needed to help you make the right decision confidently. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics or spin stories to pad our bottom line – we got into this business because we wanted to help people, and that’s our main goal on any call. When you contact us, you’re calling on reliable, trusted air conditioning contractors with integrity. And we bet it won’t be the last time you call us to your Westwood home, either.

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