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Air Handler Services in the Westwood Area

For over five decades, Suburban HVAC has been providing heating, cooling, and air quality services to Westwood, the Greater Boston area, and Southern New Hampshire. Since 1963, we have focused on helping our homeowners achieve high-quality, reliable, and affordable indoor comfort. As a result, we have earned the President’s Award as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer® for eight consecutive years.

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What Is an Air Handler?

Most homes in the Westwood area utilize an air conditioning unit to keep them cool and provide relief during the summer. When the air in your home is clean, your family can breathe and feel better.

An air handler’s primary function is to circulate the air in your system, and the components surrounding it change the functionalities of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Air handlers are the “lungs” of your home and are an essential part of your air conditioning unit that functions to create cool air for your home. This is accomplished by retracting warm air and passing it over the evaporator coils to help cool it down. It then blows the conditioned air back into your home to keep it cool. Paired with cooling or heating equipment, they manage the airflow to keep your home comfortable and clean during any season.

Our expert HVAC technicians are experienced in working with components from air handlers, AC units, and heaters for years, can diagnose heating and cooling problems, and recommend a cost-effective solution, whether it’s a repair or replacement of your unit.

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, Suburban can help you get your system up and running quickly. 

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Our Air Quality Services

Having reliable air conditioning services is essential in the Westwood area. The Suburban team understands that you want to keep your home cool and comfortable, especially when temperatures rise during the summer months. Whether you need a new A/C unit for your home, routine maintenance of your air conditioning, or repairs, we are here to service your needs.

You can depend on our technicians for timely service for any of your cooling system needs, including:

When you depend on Suburban to take care of your air conditioning needs, you can ensure that you will have a cool home interior all year long.

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Air Handler vs. Furnace

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between an air handler and a furnace? The answer is quite simple. An air handler is similar to a furnace on the outside without the heat components such as the burners and heat exchanger. They tend to be used with heat pumps and help manage the airflow throughout your home. Furnaces, on the other hand, have built-in blowers that move the warmed air into your ventilation and disperse it throughout your home. Furnaces have combustion chambers and create heat.

Air Handler vs. Heat Pump

An air handler works in concert with your heat pump. Heat pumps control your comfort by transferring heat as opposed to producing it. However, the air handler assists in moving all the heated or cooled air.

Air Handler vs. Blower

Air handlers are not blowers. Air handler includes the blower, and several additional parts in the unit such as filters, dampers, and mixing chambers. The blower is just one part of a greater whole.

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For service excellence, you can count on the expert HVAC technicians at Suburban HVAC. We provide all the services that you would need for your heating and cooling systems. We strive to provide superior service, competitive pricing, and a speedy turnaround time on each project without compromising quality. 

If you’d like to know more about our services or if you’re ready to get started with a quick quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we are here to make a difference for you! The Suburban Difference means that our fully licensed, certified, and insured HVAC experts are highly trained to handle small residential repairs to large projects customized to address your heating and cooling needs and offer affordable solutions. 

We proudly provide service for residents throughout Westwood, Norfolk County, and all the surrounding areas in Massachusetts – feel free to take a look at our full service area.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Handlers

What could cause insufficient heating or cooling from my air handler?

Possible causes of why your air handler is no longer providing proper heating and cooling include dirty filters, a blocked outdoor coil, or air not circulating freely. Try cleaning or replacing your filter, checking the supply registers and return grills for potential blockage, and removing any debris. 

How often should I clean or replace my filter?

A clean filter saves money. Clean or replace your filter at least once a month or twice a month when the system is running more regularly. When replacing your air handler filters, always use the same size and type that was originally supplied. Contact Suburban when you are ready to replace your filter!

How do I remove the filter from my air handler?

Removing a filter is easy. The filter may be located behind the bottom panel of the door, at the top, bottom, or either side. There may also be two filters. In any case, ensure that you insert the clean filter with the arrows on it pointing in the direction of the airflow.

The experts at Suburban HVAC can help you locate the filter within your system. Our technicians are your best source for filter and maintenance information and can take care of any questions you may have.

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