Carrier Infinity System

Time to upgrade your furnace or heat pump?

Or are you planning an entirely new heating/cooling system? In Massachusetts, you can’t select better heating and cooling equipment than Carrier’s Infinity line of products installed by Suburban – your trusted source for all your MA heating and cooling needs.

This is breakthrough technology from Carrier, and the dawn of a new day in home comfort.

How Infinity’s Greenspeed works


Outdoor temperatures and conditions change throughout the course of any day here in Massachusetts; sometimes within the hour. With the Greenspeed’s Control integrated into Carrier’s Infinity systems, information such as inside temperature, outside temperature, and equipment operation is constantly monitored by the system.

Adaptable-speed technology and Greenspeed intelligence allows the control and systems to make continual and subtle adjustments to ensure your home is always perfectly comfortable. It completely eliminates temperature swings in your entire home, providing you with perfect comfort all day.

Better for the environment… and for your checkbook.

Not only is Infinity the smartest HVAC technology available but also the most efficient, which is important as you seek solutions that potentially trigger applicable MA energy rebates. The adaptable- speed technology allows your system to operate longer at a steadier, lower capacity rate, making it exceedingly energy efficient, and quiet.

With a heat efficiency rating up to 13 HSPF and cooling efficiency rating up to 20 SEER, you’ll also be saving money year-round.

Not to mention, you’ll be doing your part to lower your total use of energy – which is better for all of us that take residence on this planet.

Types of Infinity systems using Greenspeed intelligence:

Gas Furnaces

Carrier’s Infinity 98 modulating gas furnace with Greenspeed intelligence provides luxury-level comfort and quiet operation while operating at the highest efficiency level available today. Up to 97.4% of the fuel consumed is converted into heat for your home. A variable-speed inducer motor reduces the time when the fan must operate at its highest speed. Plus, SmartEvap technology can lower the humidity in your home by nearly 10%.

Electric Heat Pumps

Carrier’s new Greenspeed heat pump is so much unlike any heat pump that some homeowners who need to replace a furnace for their homes could consider a heat pump instead! For example: at an outdoor temperature of 17 degrees, this heat pump has been shown to achieve up to 86% greater heating capacity than standard heat pumps. This breakthrough increases the range of homes for which a heat pump can be most efficient – and provides cooling in summer, too.

Hybrid Heat

Combining an Infinity furnace and heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence provides an extremely efficient “hybrid” heating system – one that adds air conditioning for your family’s year-round comfort. Continuously calculating myriad factors such as outside temperature and your home’s heat retention, the intelligent control decides on the most efficient way to heat your home – switching between your heat pump and your furnace as conditions change. The result is a huge savings in operating costs – winter and summer. Crucial to any Massachusetts homeowner.

Expert installation is key… from a Factory Authorized Dealer.

While Carrier’s Infinity products are easy for homeowners to operate (almost no human monitoring needed!), this computer-assisted technology requires skilled, experienced and specifically trained service contractors to provide expert installation. Our technicians at Suburban are Carrier Factory Authorized experts. We are fully trained to understand and work with this exciting new technology, and have the resources and staff to help you to identify:

Is Infinity right for me?
What will be my cost savings?
Do I need a furnace or a heat pump?
Is my home a candidate for hybrid heat?

Take Comfort With Suburban.