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Hot Topic – Preparing Your Home for the Cold New England Months Ahead…


The last leaves are barely clinging to their spot on otherwise bare tree branches. A frost was likely stuck to the windshield when you set foot outside to begin your daily commute to work (if it hasn’t yet, it will soon, trust us…). It’s time to break out the winter gear, and likewise, it’s time to prepare you home for what is sure to be a cold, long winter. We got off easy last year. That isn’t going to happen again…

So while you plan your winter budget, we offer you five tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of heat your HVAC system is blowing at you during the season of single-digit temps and snow flurries.

winter-ready-windows-caulkingWeather proofing your home’s windows and door – We’ll start with an obvious one: Utilize a fresh application of caulk, or one of the many weather strip options at your local hardware store to shore up gaps that exist on the perimeter of those pesky windows and doors – especially if you live in an older home. They may exude ambiance, but they also permeate massive amounts of energy. And what good is paying to heat your home if that heat is just escaping through the cracks? None. I mean, it was an obvious answer, but we had to lay out it there…

hvac-air-filtersInspect, clean, and change filters – You know your HVAC system has a filter right? It might even have two. You don’t? Well, it’s time to get close to your investment… Put simply, if you’re not proactively monitoring and maintaining your system’s filter(s) you’re doing the system, yourself, and your bank account a disservice. Nobody wins if a filter isn’t periodically cleaned and/or replaced. Clean filters equal clean air, efficient use of your system, and money savings. Read more here.

Keep your thermostat constant – It’s okay to drop the thermostat a few degrees when you’re out the door to work in the morning. That actually saves you significant monies on your monthly electric bill. But dropping the system down to 50 when you’re gone, and 75 when you’re back is using excessive resources – from electricity to finances. Keep it constant. You’ll do yourself and your system a huge degree of betterment by being smarter about your use of the thermostat dial.

thermostat-consistantUse a programmable thermostat – This harkens back to the entry above about being smarter about the usage of your thermostat dial. A programmable “smart” thermostat may be a great option for you because you can “set it and forget it” based on peak usage hours, etc. There are myriad options here. Check this out to learn more about programmable thermostats and how they can benefit you, your home, and your bank account.

Consult an HVAC specialist – In short, a certified, trusted HVAC contractor on your side guarantees that you’re running smoothly and efficiently during the winter, and also throughout the other three seasons that exist in these parts as well. Scheduled maintenance plans are a thing of beauty for the busy homeowner that is best served with a “plug and play” option. At Suburban, we’ll give you just that – Ease of mind, a fully optimized heating and cooling system, and, as our tagline suggests, ultimate comfort.

At Suburban, your comfort is our comfort.
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