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Think Filters

dirty air filter with icons indicating energy bills increasing

Let’s talk about filters for a second.

We’re not talking about the filters you’re utilizing when snapping photos on your phone (to make the photos look better). No, we’re talking about filters that could potentially cause inopportune effects if not given the proper attention.

If you have an HVAC system installed in your home, chances are there are filters in one or more places of your home that are catching dust, debris, and other unwanted particles that circulate in your home’s air.

Okay, sure. So what does this mean?

clean-dirty-hvac-filtersWell, they, like other filters, they need to be periodically replaced. Have you ever looked at the air filter in your car? Maybe not.

Perhaps you enlist your mechanic to swap that out for you on an annual basis. What about the filter in your dryer? You know, the one you scoop dust and lint out of very regularly. If you’re not, your clothes aren’t drying very well, and your taxing the investment you made in that very appliance.

Like other filters, the one(s) that exist in your heating and cooling system need attention. They need to be replaced at least once a year, maybe more depending on your home’s environment. For instance if you have a lot of pets. It’s easy to overlook. We understand. We’re all busy. So, if you’re scheduling regular maintenance for your system, ask your contractor to help you out with the filters (if they aren’t already). By the way, if you have a washable filter, consider upgrading it to a real filter. Washable filters do not catch the fine particles to actually clean your air.

At the end the day the benefits of addressing your home’s air filter are vast – and the cost associated with this preventative/proactive measure are quite minimal.

Here a few things you can expect when you’re doing the due-diligence:

  • Save Money: When you’re optimizing your system’s health by periodically cleaning/replacing the filter you’re enabling the system to run more efficiently and not taxing the inner working of the appliance because it’s working through prospective blockage, and/or its inability to read the temperature properly in the home. When things are running at an optimal rate, you spend less on electricity and maintenance bills. Keep the cash in your account.
  • Maintain Better Health: When you’re air is clean, you’re lungs are clean. When your lungs are clean, you breathe better. When you breathe better, your entire body benefits from greater health because you’re not taking in air toxins and unhealthy bacteria floating around in the air. And, if we can harken back to the first bullet, you’ll save money. Better health equals less healthcare expenses.
  • Greater System Performance / Longevity: You don’t run your care with the same oil and filter in it for the entirety of its life. That is unless you’re replacing your car annually. When you’re conscious and proactive of “the little things” your investments will treat you better, and, once again, you’ll wind up saving money. Optimization is the best solution.

replace-hvac-filtersNo matter how you look at it, by proactively maintaining and swapping out your HVAC system’s air filter, you can cut your total energy costs by as much as 15% (according to In the long run, that can make a huge difference.

For all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs, contact us at Suburban HVAC. Take Comfort: We’ll answer any questions you might have and assist you in any way that we can.


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