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Commercial Cooling Installation in MA & NH

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Many things come to mind when prioritizing your commercial air conditioning needs. The top three that come to mind (and that we provide) are:

  • Price
  • Deadline
  • Quality

Quality is often thrown to the side in our industry, but when you contact Suburban HVAC, we cut no corners. We strive to set you up for comfort, energy efficiency, and savings with our work. As a local company, we value the businesses around us.

When you work with Suburban HVAC, we’ll treat you like a partner, not just a customer.

Quality is the Suburban HVAC difference. To experience the difference with your Westwood commercial AC needs, contact our professional team today.

Technician in Massachusetts completing commercial air conditioning installation.

Our AC Installations

When you need an AC installation, you’ll need knowledgeable technicians who can perform the installation correctly to prevent any mishaps. Our installation services include:

  • Cooling system installation, maintenance, and service
  • New construction cooling/HVAC installations
  • HVAC tenant improvement and retrofit
  • HVAC duct systems and repairs
  • Energy-efficient cooling solutions and management
  • Air purifiers for your business

We provide the best installation services, guaranteed. For more information about our installation services, contact our team today.

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We Work With Top HVAC Manufacturers

Our technicians are qualified and knowledgeable to work on most major brands and systems. We work with many different brands to serve many different customers.

Some of the major brands we work with are:

  • Carrier/Bryant
  • Trane/American Standard
  • Lennox
  • Johnson Controls/York
  • Daikin/Goodman
  • Evapco
  • Mitsubishi
  • Honeywell
  • Bosch
  • And more

To learn more about what our technicians can do for you, contact our team today.

Why Choose Suburban HVAC?

Suburban HVAC believes business-to-business support is beneficial to our communities. We’ll partner with you to meet your priorities:

  • Best possible price
  • Cleaner air for public health
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Knowledgeable service quality
  • Service designed to avoid and minimize business interruptions
  • Superior customer care

Contact us today to experience the Suburban HVAC difference with your commercial AC installation in Massachusetts or New Hampshire.


Some of the commercial cooling frequently asked questions we receive include:

My commercial AC unit isn’t cooling like it did last year. What's wrong?

It could be several things:

  • Blockages: When office furniture gets moved around, vents can sometimes become blocked.
  • Capacity: If you’ve expanded or have a new tenant with different HVAC needs, your AC may be undersized. If you have too much cooling for your property, the system may turn on and off too frequently. You’ll have uneven airflow, and the humidity may increase; it will feel warmer than it actually is.
  • Dirty ducts: Debris, dust, dirt, and airborne pollutants build up in the ductwork and reduce or block airflow.
  • Heat: Large appliances and especially electronics generate a lot of heat. A change in tenants can be the cause. (Urge tenants and residents to switch to LED lighting and turn off unused equipment and appliances that cause “phantom” energy loss.)
  • Humidity: Older commercial ACs have more problems keeping up with high humidity.
  • Old property: Older buildings leak air throughout, and your AC may be struggling.
  • Refrigerant leak/dirty fan: Neglected ACs develop corrosion, accumulate grime, and moving parts tend to break down faster. Many of these issues can be avoided with commercial AC maintenance. Your unit could last as long as 15 to 20 years if properly maintained, especially if you’re not ready to replace it. 
  • Sun: Do a building walkthrough to see how much sunlight is entering the windows. If sunlight is straining your AC, consider installing better blinds or shades.
  • Thermostat wars: That always-cold person closes vents when no one is looking or adjusts the zoned-cooling thermostat.

What is a “high-efficiency” commercial AC system?

Commercial companies could save big by replacing 10- to 20-ton RTUs with high-efficiency units. Replacing your older RTU can save so much money it might be more cost-effective to replace your older unit even before its expiration.

It’s possible to reduce energy costs by 40% to 50%. (A 25,000 sq. ft. retail store could save $7,000 to $24,000/year. A 45,000 sq. ft. supermarket could save $16,000 to $52,000/year.)


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