Total Cost of Ownership

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At Suburban, we tend to think of an ideal customer relationship as more of a partnership. One way we implement that line of thinking is through our “Total Cost of Ownership” programs, which help our customers, and us, to clearly and easily view current and future HVAC needs.

These programs:

  • Budget for planned replacements to avoid downtime.
  • Lower operating costs through energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Integrate the latest technologies into existing systems.
  • Make use of powerful control solutions and web-based control management to measure utility usage and optimize occupancy schedules.


Selected technicians and managers are assigned to your facility. They gain familiarity with your building’s environmental needs and with your equipment serviceability – leading to well-reasoned recommendations and cost-effective routine maintenance, equipment replacement, and scheduled repairs.

Our electronic dispatch system provides for automatic collection of individual site based activity and expenses. This preserves a complete repair history associated with each piece of equipment.

In an emergency?

Periodic on-site reviews are scheduled with management to review this information and recommend equipment replacement and maintenance program enhancements to allow you to plan your business expenses appropriately. This also allows us to receive valuable feedback on the quality of our services for continual enhancement to meet your changing needs.

We will identify federal and regional incentive programs that apply to your environment and budget that maximize the return on your investment for the long term.

Be it a large facility or a small one, our commercial specialists would be happy to work with you to identify the best possible continuing care program for the HVAC systems within your organization. All you need to do is ask.


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