Residential Heating & Cooling Services in Duxbury, MA

Whether you need a new HVAC system or installation, repair, or service for your current HVAC system, Suburban HVAC is the local service company in Duxbury, MA that you can trust. We offer our clients reliable service and affordable solutions to ensure they have dependable comfort season after season.

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Heating Installation & Replacement Services in Duxbury, MA

When the time comes to select new heating equipment for your Duxbury home, Suburban can assist at every step of the way. Our team will:

  • Evaluate your needs, taking your unique home’s layout and heating load needs into account
  • Point out your best options
  • Handle your heating installation with exceptional care, using best practices to ensure your new system is perfectly installed
  • Provide optimal home comfort and value

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Heating Repair & Maintenance Service for Duxbury Homes

If your heating system is struggling to keep up with your needs, Suburban can provide the repair and maintenance service you need to restore your system. Backed with extensive training and knowledge, we are skilled at:

  • Diagnosing and repairing heating system problems
  • Inspecting, cleaning, calibrating, and completely tuning up heating systems

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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Duxbury, MA

With the heat and humidity that come with Duxbury, you need a cooling system you can count on to keep you comfortable. At Suburban HVAC, we can make sure that happens!

Whether it’s time for a new AC for your new home or you need to replace a rundown cooling system, we can help you find the right new unit to efficiently meet your needs for years to come. We can also install your new unit, set up any custom controls and features you want, and show you how to operate it. We’re experienced at installing all types of new cooling systems, including:

  • Central ACs
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Heat pumps

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Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Service in Duxbury, MA

At Suburban, our cooling services go beyond installations and replacements. We’re also proud to provide complete AC repair and maintenance services. Whether you’re dealing with a system that’s not working properly, that has completely broken down, or that simply needs a routine tune-up, we have you covered!

To schedule AC repair service in Duxbury, call (781) 769-1515 or contact us online now.

Contact Suburban HVAC for Heating & Air Conditioner Services in Duxbury, MA

As a local HVAC company serving Duxbury for more than 50 years, we’re known for excellence, top-quality service, and turnkey comfort solutions. That’s why Duxbury homeowners rely on us for all of the HVAC needs—and why we’re a leading HVAC company throughout Suffolk County, MA!

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