Commercial HVAC FAQs

Your business depends on a reliable commercial HVAC system. As a commercial property owner, you know it’s essential to have reliable commercial AC and heating services. At Suburban, our commercial heating services and commercial cooling services are designed to keep your systems up and running at all times. To that end, the following are some of the most common questions we receive from commercial property owners.

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FAQs About Commercial HVAC Systems in Westood & Surrounding Areas

Why are my energy bills so high?

If tenancy and usage haven’t changed, then it’s likely that your heating and cooling bills are rising because of aging equipment that needs maintenance. It could also be because the structure is thermally inefficient or that the ventilation system isn’t properly circulating the air.

How can I improve energy efficiency within my commercial building?

Commercial AC repairs and regular maintenance are a good place to start. Tuning up air conditioners, furnaces, and other heating systems can significantly improve efficiency. It’s also good to inspect and repair damaged ductwork, upgrade insulation, and seal any leaks in the structure.

Does ductwork require regular maintenance?

Many commercial property owners overlook their ducts. However, over time, seals will loosen, pipes will become disconnected, and tape will come apart. These create leaks in the system that can significantly reduce efficiency. As such, it’s important to conduct regular inspections, repair any cracks or leaks, and perform a full duct cleaning at least once every two years.

How long do commercial HVAC systems last?

With regular commercial ac repairs and heating repair, a well-maintained commercial heating system can last for between 10-15 years. However, with preventative maintenance, it’s possible to extend this out to about 20 years.

Are high-efficiency systems worth the investment?

High-efficiency systems represent a significant investment. However, in return, they can lead to a dramatic reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills. In many cases, the savings recovered can pay for the system’s expense by about halfway through the system’s operational life span. This makes it a cost-effective investment that generates significant returns over the long run.

How often do filters need replacing?

Most commercial buildings should have their filters changed monthly. Some filters may last 2-3 months. It’s important to inspect your filters once a month and change them whenever they are dirty. This will help maintain indoor air quality and the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems.

How important is system size?

It is imperative to have an appropriately sized HVAC system in your structure. If the system is too small, it will struggle to keep up with demand. This increases wear and tear and reduces the life span of the system. If it’s too large, you will waste energy every month.

Suburban is Your Best Bet for Reliable Commercial HVAC Service

The team at Suburban has more than 100 years of combined HVAC experience under our tool belts. Whether you own an office building, run a restaurant, or have another commercial venture, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and training to install, maintain, repair, and replace your commercial HVAC systems in Westwood. It is our pleasure to keep your building comfortable and your energy bills as low as possible.

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