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Why Should I Get a Heating Tune-Up in the Fall?

Whether you live in a warmer or cooler climate, the fall season will always be an important time of year for your home’s heating system. This is because it takes more energy to heat up your house during these months. With that extra work your heating system is putting in, it stands to reason that it’ll experience more wear and tear than usual. So, if you’re thinking about whether or not scheduling a tune-up is worth the expense, here are a few reasons why you should consider having your heating serviced in the fall.

Longer Life Span

On average, furnaces can last between 15 to 20 years. In that time, they are likely to show signs of wear and tear as the years pass by. Components, including the air filter, circulating fan, and vent motor, all need to work properly for your furnace to function. With annual tune-ups, you can prolong the life span of your furnace for up to five to 10 more years.

Fewer Repairs

Apart from extending the life of your furnace, there’s another benefit to scheduling your fall tune-ups. It’s common for most people not to worry about their furnace until something goes wrong. By the time that happens, costly repairs will likely be needed. When you schedule annual maintenance, it can mean catching problems before they get too severe and prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your furnace plays a huge part in your indoor air quality. Depending on the type of furnace you have, such as a gas, propane, or oil furnace, it can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide — a byproduct of combustion — as a result of not having maintenance. A tune-up can help clear out any buildup and debris to keep your indoor air safe to breathe.

Better Efficiency

A furnace is a money pit in that if it isn’t working optimally, it will put in more work while putting out less and less heat. This can lead to higher energy bills despite your home not getting any warmer. Regular maintenance means ensuring that your furnace is always working at its best, so it gives you the most out of your heating unit.

Getting a heating tune-up brings with it many benefits, including saving on your monthly energy bills, lasting longer, and keeping your indoor air safe. It can be hard to know what needs checking, which is why it’s important to call in a professional for a full maintenance service to ensure a high-quality job well done.

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