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Spring Into Summer with Optimized Comfort


Spring Into Summer with Optimized Comfort

Spring didn’t come easy this year. In fact, it’s up for debate if it’s actually here, or if we’ll get more snow tomorrow. Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind as to what she wanted to do with temperatures, elements, etc. Over the last few weeks we’ve, at times, awoken to warm sunny days, followed up by cold frosts on the windshield. It is New England, but these fun little environmental “tricks” never get easier.

That said, it’s time to think about your HVAC environment and get it prepped for the change of the season so that it, like us, doesn’t catch a case of the sniffles…

Remove cold weather covers

– Seems obvious, but sometimes a reminder isn’t the worst thing in the world, right. If you’ve got your outdoor HVAC coil/unit covered in a weatherproof lining or blanket, it’s time to fold it up and store it until next winter.

Clear debris

– If your yard looks like ours, you’d never know we did any cleanup in the fall. Between snow, melt off, wind, snow, melt off, wind, snow… on and on, this year, more than ever, it looks like the trees shed year-round. Clear up those leaves, needs, pinecones, branches – whatever the debris may be that surrounds your equipment.

Do a visual inspection

– After you’ve finished clearing, give things another close look. Not only around the machine, but give a look at the coils too to make sure nothing suspect is caught, which could/can compromise optimized productivity.

Inspect pipe insulation

– The insulation around the pipes wear with age and environmental agitation (from weather, creatures, etc.). Make sure they’re not “weathered” too bad. If they are, that old, ratty insulation may need to be addressed.

Clean vents and grilles

– This falls right in line with the whole “visual inspection” thing. You want the vents and grilles clean and free of debris if you want to achieve optimal comfort in your home or business.

Change air filters

– A fresh air filter means cleaner, fresher air around you. And clean air is good air.

Adjust settings on your thermostat

– Another “reminder.” Your thermostat is only as “smart” as you program it to be. If your settings are still defaulting to winter and it’s 70+ degrees out, things might start to get a bit balmy indoors.

Check indoor condensate drain

– Drainage is important. If it’s not happening properly you risk damage to your equipment and property. Make sure things are “running” smoothly.

Check and clean dehumidifiers

– As we know, things here in Massachusetts can start to get sticky real quick. Majority of us enjoy cool, “dry” air. Your dehumidifying capabilities are greatly compromised if things are clogged and dirty.

Reverse ceiling fan direction

– This is a tip not everyone is aware of. Look at your ceiling fan. See the switch? The one that isn’t an “on/off” switch? That nifty little feature enables you to change directions of your fan, which is convenient for seasonal air movement. In the winter it’s nice to blow “down” to keep heat in. In spring/summer, it’s nice to aid in pulling that heat up and out.

Schedule system maintenance

– Schedule a spring maintenance with our trusted technicians to prepare your HVAC system for the summer months. You can schedule with us at Suburban. Keeping your HVAC equipment up to snuff, much like you would your car with a mechanic, can save you money in the long run and ensure the longest possible life for your equipment. Because comfort is key.

Replace antiquated equipment

– The benefits of installing new equipment have never been greater. There are rebates and cost savings opportunities abound. Suburban can you help you navigate all of this – from choices, to financing, acquisition, installation, and maintenance. Antiquated equipment isn’t helping you or your home or business. It’s costing you more money than it’s worth. Not to mention, compromising your environmental comfort as well

Contact Suburban today, and take comfort! We’re here to answer any questions you might have and the serve all of your HVAC needs.


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