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6 Common Problems That Trigger The Need for AC Maintenance


Comfort is important in the summertime. Not only are we trying to control the temperature around us, we’re also trying to combat the actual quality of the air, which is typically full of fluctuating humidity levels, and vast allergens – especially here in the greater Boston area. That said, if you experience any of the following misfortunes, contact Suburban HVAC today to get you through to the other side of discomfort, which, of course, is absolute comfort…

Have you ever asked yourself?:

Why Won’t My AC Turn On?  

This is the obvious one. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, no comfort can be achieved. It’s either a minor or major problem. There’s typically no in-between once your unit has reached that point. First, be sure that your thermostat isn’t set for a temperature that your home or office is currently at. If that’s not the case, check for a blown fuse. ACs pull a solid amount of power to kick on, and sometimes hiccups happen in that process. If you don’t have a blown fuse, call a professional – we’ll come and figure out what’s going on under the hood…

Why Isn’t the AC Cooling this Place?

We’ve all been here. It happens. You got your AC fired up, you’re looking for some semi-quick relief, and the only thing that comes is more sweat. The culprits of such an injustice may include closed vents, which block cooled air from entering into the room, leakage around the refrigerant lines, clogged filters, antiquated/worn out components, and more… Who you gonna call? Suburban. We’ll send one of our qualified, award winning technicians to assess the problem and cool you down (and your property). Sound good?

Time for a Tune-Up?

What is that Noise?

Ah, yes, the old “strange noise coming from the appliance” gag. Sometimes it’s not a gag at all, though. With regard to air conditioning, HVAC units can produce certain sounds during their uptick and normal operations, and, quite frankly, we all get used to these creeks, moans, and sounds over time. However, if you hear a strange sound coming from your AC that you’ve never heard before, turn the unit off and call for help. You don’t want to do more harm by “pushing it.”

Is this Thing Low on Refrigerant?  

Probably not a question the general consumer asks, but hey, you never know…. This may be a remedial solution to the question you asked yourself above about why the sweat is increasing on your brow after you’ve fired up the AC. If you have reason to suspect that your unit isn’t working the way it should, it’s quite possible that the unit has low refrigerant levels. That said, you shouldn’t be the one that addresses this issue. Leave it to a tried and true professional. Leave it to Suburban – and take comfort. (Yes, we say that a lot… And it’s because we care.)

What are These Puddles Doing Here?

We’ll see your question and raise you one… Is your unit draining properly? If it isn’t, you’re doing a massive disservice to your comfort and to your equipment. Disjointed drainage can damage the working components of your HVAC system as well as potentially cause issues with your property. The only way to really make sure that your cooling solution is draining properly is to have it maintained by a professional who will take a close look and make sure everything is operating at an optimal level, saving you pocket loads of money from myriad vantage points, as well as, you know, keeping you, the family, and/or your coworkers cool and comfortable.

*Bonus Question!

Is My HVAC Contractor Doing What They Claim to be Doing?

Fair question! Poor Maintenance leads to poor performance. Poor performance leads to poor comfort. Poor comfort leads to unhappy customers. Unhappy customers lead to… (you see where we’re going here…)

The theory here is simple: To keep your heating and cooling units operating up to and above standard operative levels, you need to have them professionally maintained on an annual basis, and before the heat starts hitting you prompting a reactive response (as opposed to a proactive one…). Failing to get professional maintenance service can result to unnecessary costly repair bills, and lofty energy bills as well. All that said, how do you know you can trust your chosen HVAC contractor? If you live in Massachusetts, and primarily in the greater Boston region, the answer is easy: Suburban Companies. We’ve won 7 consecutive Carrier President’s Awards which is literal proof of the effort we put in to the quality work we do in our industry. Your comfort is our comfort – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay cool this summer, and, looking ahead, keep warm when winter begins to set in. Contact Suburban today for all your HVAC needs – from new and restored equipment to scheduled annual maintenance plans.




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