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Installing HVAC Satisfaction: Trinity Episcopal Church


Have we ever told you how much we enjoy working for our customers? If it wasn’t for our customers we wouldn’t be where we’re at, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to everyone that has enabled us to have been around providing the best HVAC product installation and maintenance services since 1963. We take great pride in the work we do, and that shows in each and every job we’re hired to handle.

Do you know what’s even better? When our customers take a moment of their time to write us and let us know how we did. In short, we can talk to you all day until we’re blue in the face about how great we think our team is, but why not let one of our own fine community members do some of the talking for us?

Thank you so much to the friendly folks over at Trinity Episcopal Church for writing us the following letter:

March 30th, 2017

Dear Mr. Vito,

Suburban Companies recently completed the installation of a new boiler and domestic hot water heating system at Trinity Church. The new boiler replaced the original 1960s-era boiler that was well beyond its expected life span. The new system had to meet several requirements and challenges:

  • Be affordable
  • Provide reliable heat and hot water
  • Be installed in a tight timeframe such that the church’s preschool would not have to be closed
  • And – most of all – be installed before the old boiler stopped working

One month after the startup of our new system, we can say that all of these criteria have been met. Additionally, all of the personnel at Suburban were extremely professional and were available to work with the Trinity’s Building and Grounds Committee throughout the course of the project.

We worked initially with your sales representative, Brian. Brian was an excellent liaison between Trinity and Suburban. His helpfulness included:

  • Inviting us to tour your facility in Westwood
  • Introducing us to your staff
  • Continuing as an always available point-of-contact right through to the final project handoff meeting

Your lead installer, Sean, installed a very impressive high-efficiency modern boiler that has run smoothly from day one. Sean is obviously extremely knowledgeable, personable, and was willing to walk us through the installation of the system. The work by Sean and his onsite team was done on time and neatly. Sean took the time and effort to make sure that details that make the difference between an average project and a superior project were included. The end result is a system that all can see was installed with thoughtfulness and pride.

And finally, as a congregation that cares about its impact on the environment, we are excited to have this new, high-efficiency boiler providing heat to our building. Knowing that we have such a thoughtful system in place is something that we will be proud of for many years.

Trinity Church would like to thank you and your team for a project that was a complete success!


Reverend Harry Walton and the Green Team of Trinity Episcopal Church
Stoughton, MA

If you’re in the market for new heating and cooling solutions for your home, office, or yes, even church, give Suburban Companies a call today and take comfort. You’ll be glad you did. We’re here to guide you through every phase of an acquisition – from discovering your options on up through the post-installation training.


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