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Bolstering Your Home’s Insulation Practices


You know what’s curious? People often think about the insulation in their home when winter is coming and they’re looking to keep as much heat in their home as they possibly can. But what about summer? Here we are in the throes of it and we hardly hear folks talking about how they need to keep things tight in order to keep the cool air in…

It’s a juxtaposition, that, in essence is solved by thinking about the air in your house as a solo entity. Whether you’re looking to keep it warm in the winter, or cool in the summer, the idea is to keep both of those uniquely treated environments in the home. Thus, you’re looking to achieve the same goal.

That said, let’s talk insulation. You can have the latest and greatest heating and cooling solution at the core of your home, but if your house isn’t bundled up and sealed tight, all that energy is flushing right out of the walls and into the ether. Not only are you losing money on your utility bills that you could allocate elsewhere, you’re also taxing that expensive HVAC unit. When it works harder, it degrades and dies younger.

Think insulation.

This goes beyond the pink rolls of insulation that immediately come to mind.

Yes, those walls are important. But so is:

  • The attic
  • Your windows
  • The doors
  • Chimneys (active or inactive)
  • The floors
  • Any nook, cranny, or crevice that air can escape from – if it’s a question, it’s a concern

A well-insulated home can literally save you 30%+ on your energy bills –not only in the winter months, but year-round.

There are benefits outside of merely saving money on utility costs of course. Proper insulation also:

  • Prevents moisture condensation
  • Reduces capacity and size of new mechanical equipment
  • Enhances process performance
  • Reduces emissions of pollutants
  • Increases safety and protection of elements
  • Increases acoustical performance: reduces noise levels
  • Maximizes return on investment (ROI)
  • Can improve appearance

We at Suburban are first-and-foremost concerned with your comfort and saving you some green, so consider proper insulation which achieves both. And if you need someone to help point you in the right direction, give us a call today!


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