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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

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Your air conditioner is put to work once the weather starts warming up. And the hotter the day, the more work your AC has to do. Without routine maintenance, wear and tear can cause your air conditioner to operate less efficiently, leading to leaks and other problems.

The AC experts at Suburban HVAC can keep your AC running smoothly all year. Keep reading to learn the common causes of AC leaks and what you can do to fix them.

High Humidity Levels

While Massachusetts doesn’t have the hottest weather around, it’s among the top 20 most humid states in America. And all that humidity means your air conditioner has to put in a lot more work to cool your home. As a result, your AC could struggle with excessive drainage, leading to an overflow or algae growth, eventually causing a clog.

During routine maintenance, Suburban will clean, treat, and test your AC drain to mitigate potential risks of clogs from excessive drainage.

Dirty Air Filter

We recommend changing your air filter every three to six months, depending on the environment of your home. Dirty air filters block airflow and can cause your AC’s indoor unit to freeze. Once it starts to thaw out, the excess water causes your condensate pan to overflow, leading to a leaky AC.

The expert team at Suburban will replace your dirty air filter during routine maintenance, so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels in your AC unit can also cause the indoor unit to freeze. In addition to causing your AC to leak, low refrigerant levels can result in your AC unit blowing warm air. 

If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner, contact our team of certified HVAC technicians.

Cracked or Old Condensate Pan

Your condensate pan is responsible for catching the humidity and excess water removed from the air your AC takes in from outside. All that extra water leaks through when it gets rusty, old, or cracked. 

During routine maintenance, Suburban will test your condensate pan for leaks and alert you if you need to consider a repair.

Schedule AC Repair in Westwood, MA

If your air conditioner is leaking, it’s always best to refer to an expert. Call Suburban HVAC for professional air conditioning repair services. Our technicians are fully trained to inspect, diagnose, and repair your air conditioner to keep you cool all summer.


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