Commercial HVAC Financing

Suburban HVAC Financing Makes Upgrading Your Commercial HVAC System Simple, Quick, and Affordable 

new or upgraded HVAC system can be a substantial investment. Why not make your commercial HVAC set-up even more affordable with our flexible financing program? 

Advantages of Financing With Marlin Capital Solutions

Are you ready to upgrade or install a new commercial HVAC system but worried about how you’ll cover the costs? Commercial HVAC systems are a significant investment, and many businesses choose to finance them. Suburban HVAC offers a convenient way for you to cover the cost of your new commercial HVAC equipment or software.

Our financing partner, Marlin Capital Solutions, offers an easy application process and quick response with same-day credit approval. You get:

  • 100% financing. Unlike many other HVAC financing programs, you can finance your entire purchase.
  • Flexibility. As your business needs grow, you can upgrade or add more equipment to the same financing agreement.
  • Asset management. For the length of your contract, the financing company assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership. If you return the equipment at the end of the term, the financing company disposes of it. 
  • Tax advantages. Talk to a tax accountant about how financing your HVAC equipment can help save you in taxes.

Should You Finance?

Not sure if financing your commercial HVAC system with Marlin is the right way to go? Here’s how you benefit when you choose Marlin financing as opposed to cash purchases and bank loans.

  • New equipment without a substantial cash outlay
  • Easy upgrade without having to reapply for another bank loan
  • Payments are matched to your current cash flow
  • Bank lines of credit are unaffected
  • Approval in one day or less, some within two hours!
  • Customized payment plan with the possibility to defer payments

5 Easy Steps to Apply

  1. Shop to find the equipment or software solution your business needs.
  2. Apply by completing a simple credit application to start the approval process. 
  3. Sign the one-page finance agreement.
  4. Receive your HVAC equipment or software to commence financing.
  5. Pay your first invoice that will arrive within 30 days. You’ll be billed monthly for the duration of your financing.

Opportunity’s Knocking—Finance Your Commercial HVAC System Today!

If you have additional questions about financing your HVAC system, give Suburban HVAC a call today at 78.769.515. You can also contact us online.

Keep Your Cash and Finance the Equipment You Need Now