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The Difference Lies in Our Credentials

Technicians You Can Trust

The Difference Lies in Our Credentials

We’ve long discussed how it’s imperative that you choose a contractor you can trust, and how has your best interests and comfort in mind. We’ve outlined some of our accolades (6 Carrier President Awards). We’ve been the recipient of countless testimonials. And we’re thankful for all of it.

Today, we want to shine a light on our team of technicians. The very people that work with you and for you to make sure your heating and cooling environment and applicable HVAC equipment is up to snuff and exceeding in expectation.

Here’s the skinny, we, and anyone else for the matter, can tell you all day long about how great we are, but, we all know that at the end of the day, these types of claims can easily be shrouded in a veil. In short: talk is cheap. Right? Right. To start, we make sure all of our technicians are standup individuals by our initial in-depth background check that is conducted during the pre-hiring process. Once hired, Suburban issues standard uniforms with applicable employee badges and we make sure all licenses are up to date. This included licensing for:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Gas Filters
  • Refrigeration Technician

What we aim to do from this point forward is to further explain why our team of technicians is second-to-none in our industry. Where competition and choice gather in a saturated pool, we are, for all intents and purposes, the cream that rises to the top. Why? Because all of our technical staff employees are put through rigorous training programs and have, unlike other companies, been certified by multiple industry best standards.

When a Suburban technician comes to your home or business to install or maintain your HVAC investment, they carry with them these prestigious certifications:

EPA 608 – Government issued certification. Technicians are required to pass an EPA-approved test specific to the type of equipment the technician seeks to work on. Tests are administered by an EPA-approved certifying organization.

NATE – The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is the gold standard for technicians. This is a nationally recognized and respected certification that, while not legally required, is highly recommended for any technician working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) industry. To obtain this certification, a technician must pass a knowledge-based exam developed and administered by industry experts that illustrates they are better prepared for the workforce and more adept at handling difficult scenarios which in turn yield better results for their customers and the equipment they’re serving/servicing.

AC Check – Technicians are trained to perform an Airflow and Charge (AC), which is a testing procedure that verifies that central air conditioning and heat pump systems are commissioned properly and in good running condition. Systems that are properly commissioned have improved efficiency, and create increased comfort and savings for homeowners. The AC Check testing procedure ensures proper installation and operation of equipment and systems, and further, AC Check trained contractors can access incentives, training, and special offers for their residential customers. So, in short, with this certification in hand, we can save you maximum dollars on your HVAC investment (while making sure your system is saving you maximum dollars on your utility bills).

In parting, you have a lot of options when it comes to working taking control of your heating and cooling environment around the home and in the workplace. Suburban Companies comes to you with unparalleled professionalism and customer satisfaction as the pillars to our longevity and success. On top of the aforementioned certifications, we conduct frequent periodic trainings as new equipment and technologies enter the marketplace to ensure that we’re always ahead of the curve.

And further, we’re always here to answer questions if you’ve got one you need answered.

Take comfort with Suburban.

Upgrade Antiquated HVAC Systems; Maximize Efficiency and Comfort

Antiquated HVAC Systems

Planning on purchasing an old home and doing major renovations in the New Year? Let us be the first to extend our congratulations! Renovating a home is major accomplishment in a person’s life as it is symbolic of all the hard work it’s taken to get to this point. At the core of this decision is the notion that purchasing and renovating a home is a serious investment – one of the largest you’ll ever make. You’re undoubtedly putting endless hours into what the cosmetic appearance of your home will be. You’re thinking about landscaping and how your home appears from the road. You’re thinking about the refrigerator, sinks, showers, baths, floors, fixtures, all of the fun stuff that goes into customizing your home, making it yours and assuring comfort is achieved.

The question we’d like to pose is, what are you doing to take control of your home’s heating and cooling environment? It’s the first thing people think of. In fact, in some people’s eyes the fridge is more important than the fire that’ll keep you warm when winter strikes. Cosmetics are important, but it’s what’s “inside” that counts. True comfort is achieved in the environment of the air that surrounds you, not the species of wood that makes up the cool rustic grains in your floor.

Here’s an idea, Suburban Companies is happy to send out one of our qualified Comfort Advisors. We’d be happy to come out and consult you on the options that are at your disposal to heat and cool your home and get that existing, antiquated heating and cooling system of to modern day standards (and heck, even exceed those “standards”). The technology to achieve both has never been greater and the cost-savings benefits are mighty handy when you’re looking at your overall budget.

Did you know that as someone updating old heating and cooling elements and appliances within your home in Massachusetts you can take advantage of a program called Mass Saves? As a Massachusetts resident/taxpayer, you’re paying for the benefit, so you might as well utilize it if and where you can. Let’s get you caught up…

What to expect from the typical Mass Save Energy Audit:

  • The consultation usually takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
  • You (as well as any other “decision makers” of the property being evaluated should be present at the assessment.
  • We will help you develop an energy savings plan and explain applicable incentives.
  • You will receive a personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiencies for the property.
  • Installation of no-cost immediate savings measures such as light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and water saving devices, as needed.
  • Screening for eligibility for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate.
  • Air sealing and insulation specification.
  • Infrared testing, if applicable.
  • Combustion safety testing.

What exactly are these rebates we speak of?

There are many. We at Suburban are happy to talk you through them, and we’ll even do our part to help you leverage them when you work with us to initiate your home or business heating and cooling needs. We are the proud recipients of Carrier President’s Award for Excellence (six times!), and yield at nothing to make sure your heating and cooling system installation and maintenance is, quite simply, working for you. And, we’re also in the business of making sure the Mass Save program is working for you simultaneously.

Here are a few immediate rebates of interest:

  • Earn 75% (up to $2,000) toward the installation of approved insulation improvements.
  • Up to a $500 rebate on a qualified electric mini-split heat pump system.
  • Up to a $750 rebate on electric heat pump water heaters.
  • Up to a $500 rebate for residential electric customers that install a qualified high-efficiency central air conditioning system and/or a central heat pump.
  • Up to a $100 rebate for wireless enabled thermostats and up to $25 for programmable thermostats.
  • Up to a $1,200 rebate for the installation of heating and water heating equipment (oil or propane).
  • Up to a $1,600 rebate for the installation of heating and water heating equipment (gas).

Some of this can be confusing which is why it’s in your best interest to have Suburban walk you through each step to maximize your perspective rebate(s). That, and in general, we’re in the business of keeping all of our customers as comfortable as we can in their residence and we take great pride in the service and products we provide. For a major home renovations and energy upgrades, we love educating you on all of the options available to you to take advantage of from the perspective of your heating and cooling system, and we might even enlighten you to a possibility you hadn’t even thought about.

It’s a New Year; you’re planning new home renovations for you and your family… We’re excited for you, and would be delighted to help you make some key decisions under the umbrella of this massive decision – An investment in time, money, and memories. Call Suburban today and Take Comfort. We’ll keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm – here for you 24/7/365.

You Get What You Pay For: Invest in the Health of Your HVAC System

Your Trusted Source

When was the last time you had dental work done? Do you remember? Did you call around looking for the lowest quote?

Probably not.

You probably did more research that fell in line with qualifications and “quality” over keeping your cost as low as possible.

Do you remember the last time you needed to take your pet to the vet for an emergency situation? Did you call around to the vets in your area to find the cheapest price?

Of course not.

As pet owners, we take the care and comfort of our furry (or feathered, scaled, whatever you’ve got) friends (and otherwise “extensions of the family). We don’t leave it to chance in the hopes that we can save some money.

This same line of thinking applies to our homes. We don’t look for the cheapest contractor when we need a new roof. We want someone that ensures that the elements aren’t leaking into the living room; you know what I mean?

Okay, all this said, who do you place your trust in when it comes to the comfort of your home? We’re talking air quality and temperature. Do you leave it to chance? Do you leave it to the lowest bidder?

We sure hope not.

There’s more to the health of your heating and cooling system than the lowest sticker price, or those attention grabbing “$69 AC Tune UP!” stickers slapped on a sale ad.

No. When it comes to whom you contract for the health and wellbeing of your home or office’s HVAC system, hire someone you trust. Hire someone that can keep your heating and cooling environment optimized and running for a nice, long life. That’s where the savings is. What good is a $69 tune-up if it isn’t addressing all the proper needs your system requires to ensure its life hasn’t just been cut by 25-50%? A new system is a whole lot more than a maintenance fee… The idea of maintenance isn’t a “one size fits all” type of equation.

Here’s the thing:

When it comes to your HVAC system, there really isn’t an immediate indication that an install or service was done properly. At least not to the common user/owner.

Like your dentist, family doctor, or vet, you need to go on reputation. You need to take comfort in the notion that the people you have on your side are actually on your side and not just hitting you for a quick, cheap buck.

Do you find yourself muttering, ‘eh, so what if my system was not cleaned properly and always runs 20% longer each time I starts it up…’ – or – ‘so what if the drain that runs from my system isn’t cleaned properly…”?

Do you? Do you care that improperly cleaned drainage mechanisms are causing standing water to pool up inside your system and rusting it from the inside out? Of course you care, and course you weren’t muttering those things. You don’t want to think about them. You want to be certain our system is running.

So, you’ll probably do a little research, yeah? Yeah. Here are some things to look for .

You’re looking for experienced technicians that have the proper qualifications and tools for the job. You want a company that stands on its laurels and continually looks to improve. You want a track record that speaks for itself.

You want Suburban Companies.

And no, we’re not looking to sound arrogant. That is not our intention at all, and those that have met us and work with us know this to be true. We’ve simply “been there, and done that.” There’s a reason we’re the trusted source in our field. There’s a reason we’ve won so many coveted awards, such as six-straight President’s Awards from Carrier – a well-respected industry giant.

If you’re serious about your home’s heating and cooling solution, and you’re not out for the cheapest quote, give us a call. Because truthfully, spending a little more in the moment, is saving you a whole lot in the long run. You can take that to the bank, and in the meantime:

Take comfort.

Installing HVAC Satisfaction: Trinity Episcopal Church

Customer Satisfaction

Have we ever told you how much we enjoy working for our customers? If it wasn’t for our customers we wouldn’t be where we’re at, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to everyone that has enabled us to have been around providing the best HVAC product installation and maintenance services since 1963. We take great pride in the work we do, and that shows in each and every job we’re hired to handle.

Do you know what’s even better? When our customers take a moment of their time to write us and let us know how we did. In short, we can talk to you all day until we’re blue in the face about how great we think our team is, but why not let one of our own fine community members do some of the talking for us?

Thank you so much to the friendly folks over at Trinity Episcopal Church for writing us the following letter:

March 30th, 2017

Dear Mr. Vito,

Suburban Companies recently completed the installation of a new boiler and domestic hot water heating system at Trinity Church. The new boiler replaced the original 1960s-era boiler that was well beyond its expected life span. The new system had to meet several requirements and challenges:

  • Be affordable
  • Provide reliable heat and hot water
  • Be installed in a tight timeframe such that the church’s preschool would not have to be closed
  • And – most of all – be installed before the old boiler stopped working

One month after the startup of our new system, we can say that all of these criteria have been met. Additionally, all of the personnel at Suburban were extremely professional and were available to work with the Trinity’s Building and Grounds Committee throughout the course of the project.

We worked initially with your sales representative, Brian. Brian was an excellent liaison between Trinity and Suburban. His helpfulness included:

  • Inviting us to tour your facility in Westwood
  • Introducing us to your staff
  • Continuing as an always available point-of-contact right through to the final project handoff meeting

Your lead installer, Sean, installed a very impressive high-efficiency modern boiler that has run smoothly from day one. Sean is obviously extremely knowledgeable, personable, and was willing to walk us through the installation of the system. The work by Sean and his onsite team was done on time and neatly. Sean took the time and effort to make sure that details that make the difference between an average project and a superior project were included. The end result is a system that all can see was installed with thoughtfulness and pride.

And finally, as a congregation that cares about its impact on the environment, we are excited to have this new, high-efficiency boiler providing heat to our building. Knowing that we have such a thoughtful system in place is something that we will be proud of for many years.

Trinity Church would like to thank you and your team for a project that was a complete success!


Reverend Harry Walton and the Green Team of Trinity Episcopal Church
Stoughton, MA

If you’re in the market for new heating and cooling solutions for your home, office, or yes, even church, give Suburban Companies a call today and take comfort. You’ll be glad you did. We’re here to guide you through every phase of an acquisition – from discovering your options on up through the post-installation training.

For Your Consideration: Equipment Features to Mull Over While Installing New HVAC Equipment

New Equipment

Are you in the process (or research phase) of taking better control of your heating and cooling environment? It’s a big investment, and one not to be taken lightly. You need to think long and hard about what your looking to achieve, and how to best combat pains you may face in your day-to-day quest of finding comfort in your home or office.

The basic understanding/thought process is this – when you’re cold, you want to find warmth, and when you’re hot, you’re striving to find some cool relief. There are of course other variables in the middle, like, for instance, pulling humidity out of the air that leaves you feeling sticky, and, in some cases warmer than you ought to be feeling.

The purpose of this article is to discuss different features that you may not have wrapped your mind around just yet. We aim to inform, so please, if you are in the market for new equipment, consider the following:

  • Humidifiers

A lot is said about dehumidifiers. We’re in New England, so humidity is a real struggle – especially in the summertime. What we don’t tend to think of, which is an easy addition to your heating and cooling system is the need to humidify the air during the winter months. Depending on how you heat your home, there’s a very good chance that the frigid winter air is taking all the humidity right out of the walls. The problem with constantly breathing in dry air, is it can cause respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms. Dry air can also make the air temperature in your home or office feel cooler than humidified air, which may cause you to reach for the thermostat and jack it up a bit higher – which isn’t an ideal situation to be in. So think about the air in your home, and just how much control you’d like to have. Humidifying the air, is, at times, just as important as pulling out some of that sticky air that we experience in the summertime. On average a properly humidified home will allow you to drop the temperature of a given space by two degrees. When air contacts your skin with the proper humidity, you also “feel” warmer. In addition temperature variation within the home will vary less and your overall “comfort” will be significantly better.

  • Variable Speed Air Handlers and Compressors

Quite simply, the air handler portion of an HVAC system is a device that circulates conditioned air throughout your home or office. The compressor is the outside component that does the “work” to actually heat or cool your home. In typical heating and cooling unites the air handler is either on or off. There’s no “control.” A variable speed blower is the solution to that, working to gradually distribute hot or cold air as is needed throughout the space, rather than just blowing it all out on full-speed with no real “intelligence” to speak of. By choosing a variable speed blower you’re HVAC system is working at a much more efficient and optimal level because it operates on a more proactive level rather than reactive – automatically switching “gears” from low to high speeds, depending on how much “attention” is needed. HVAC systems with variable speed blowers and “communicating controls” supplement the heating and cooling loss of your home in real time – only adding the amount necessary based on the changes in outside temperature. This avoids large temperature variations and the on/off nature of conventional HVAC systems. The Carrier Infinity is a good example of this type of system.

  • Programmable Thermostats and Communicating Controls

When it comes to programmable thermostats, there are several options at play. We’ve outlined a few options in this feature. In short, programmable thermostats enable the user (you) to take control of the environment around you in a optimal way. Are you out of the house during certain hours? Do different hours of the day mean different things to you in terms of how environmental comfort is perceived and/or achieved? Of course. But many of us don’t think the most efficient results out of our heating and cooling systems. Thus, programmable thermostats help us achieve just that. Some of them even have options put management capabilities in the literal palm of your hand (you can control your system from you phone or other applicable handheld devices). Weigh the options if you’re looking to keep things lean, mean, and firing optimally.

Communicating Controls are alternatives to programmable thermostats. A programmable thermostat is a simple switch to the HVAC system – “on” or “off.” This is adequate for single stage equipment. Unfortunately, with variable speed modulating equipment this leaves the hard work up to the system to “guess” what speed to operate in based on assumptions that are mostly inaccurate. These systems should be matched with the manufacturers communicating control.

Unfortunately this will limit the choice of the consumer to the control from the manufacturer, however most of these devices far exceed the benefits and have all of the features of other “well known” thermostat manufacturers. A Communicating Control “talks” directly to each component of the system (variable-speed fans, variable speed compressor and modulating gas valve in the furnace). This also provides pro-active failure notification due to the constant monitoring of the system.

  • High-Efficiency Air Filters

Sure, being able to adjust the heating and cooling of the air in your home or office is important. We want comfort, and, in this day-and-age, we want it on demand. You know what’s equally important that we don’t automatically consider? What’s actually in the air that we’re breathing… Seriously. Being warm or being cool is something that we can feel in the moment, but what’s going on that we can’t see or feel? What are we taking into our lungs that may be a detriment to our health over the long haul? That’s why you should be considering a high-efficiency air filter. Because clean air is healthy air and healthy air leads to a healthier you.

There are many ways you can take greater control over your surrounding environment. There are many options when it comes to taking optimal comfort. Let’s have a conversation to discuss your exact needs and we can help you realize a solution to your existing issue(s). At Suburban Companies, we’re here when you need us 24/7/365.

Commercial HVAC: Do it Right the First Time

Commercial Heating Boston

In the commercial world, it’s pretty commonplace to award contracted installation jobs to the “lowest bidder.” While we’re all trying to “save a buck,” there are times when that “savings” is more a product of foresight than it is of “instant gratification” with regard to the immediate servicing of the bottom line. This is especially true when it comes to a commercial entity’s environmental HVAC solution.

Sure, the cheapest bid will get your install in and out of the way in what looks like a good choice on the surface. But what’s the real cost?

Recently we had a property manager contact us to help him figure out why his operating costs were exceeding his initial expectations of an installation he had initiated with “a low bidder” a few years ago. The job consisted of the purchase and implementation of new high-efficiency boilers at 14 separate sites. The sale was on the idea that these new boilers would operate at a more proficient rate and save the company money in comparison to the older boilers that had previously been in place. After a few years of collecting and analyzing utility bill data it became clear that the new high-efficiency boilers were actually running up a higher operating cost than the “out-of-date” boilers. But, how? Why? What? Sometimes the questions pile up like stacks of outgoing cash.

After showing up to assess the situation we found in our on-site(s) review that each of the respective boilers had:

  • Incorrect programming
  • Failed pumps
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Installation deficiencies

All of the aforementioned issues greatly affect the performance of the boilers, the wellbeing of not only the equipment, but the property as a whole, and, thus, the bottom line. The other “unseen” issue with choosing the low bid in this instance was, this particular property manager was now in the position of “holding the bag” in the sense that the company that installed these units has long been out of business. No track record, or a lack of building a positive track record had long set him on the course of “a new path.” That in no way helps a past customer in need of a little assistance. You’re not only losing money, you’re now losing time because you have to find a new HVAC service provider to come help you out and tell you what went wrong and how to move forward.

In assessing the right contractor for any job, you need to do your homework and make sure that the capabilities of the chosen contractor are reputable and validated. If there’s no track record, they’re coming in low because they’re trying to build a “portfolio.” This doesn’t bode well for your future. There’s a lot of value in the security of experience.

Ask questions. You’re allowed to. Assessing numbers on a sheet of paper isn’t always telling you the whole story.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Factory trained personnel – If these certifications aren’t prominently and proudly presented on the contractor’s website, ask.
  • Proper test equipment (combustion analyzers, etc.) – Any contractor worth their salt has the tools necessary to assure that your assessment and installation are being done correctly, effectively, and safely. If these tools aren’t a part of the job, the company your choosing hasn’t invested into the best practices of the industry. That’s not good.
  • Depth of staff – Size isn’t always a deal breaker, but if you’re hiring a single man shop, you have to wonder just how meritable the practice is.
  • References – If they balk at this, or can’t provide you with an assortment of sources at will, there’s an issue.

Sometimes the cheapest solution isn’t the cheapest at all.

Do it right the first time, save money, and earn immediate peace of mind.

For further questions, feel free to reach out to us at Suburban Companies at any time. We’re here to help manage and initiate your commercial HVAC installation and maintenance jobs so you can focus on managing the other important aspects of your business.

Take Comfort with Suburban.

Take Advantage of Suburban’s HVAC Modernization, Retrofit, and Optimization Services

HVAC Commercial Modernization

When it comes to your business, you’re likely thinking about the cost of goods needed to facilitate a product. You’re likely thinking about a marketing budget. You’re keeping tabs on employee wages and benefits. You’re staring at your sales sheets on a daily basis. You’re conscientious of the bottom line and of making sure it’s continually on the rise.

One thing you may be forgetting is the health of your and productivity the actual air that is circulating around you every moment of every day. Air quality is huge. It directly effects your bottom line, even if it isn’t a direct line item on your P&L documents. If your HVAC environment is struggling, you’re not only spending more on utility bills, you’re also likely losing productivity from your employees. After all, a happy employee makes for a happier and more sustainable workplace.

What’s the current state of your HVAC system and environment?

You may not know. It’s not always noticeable to any sort of “eye test.”

You might think, “well it’s there, and it heats the room when we need heat, so it’s fine.” That’s the wrong mindset. Like anything, HVAC systems age. There’s no escaping it. With age comes compromised productivity. From compromised productivity comes greater wear and tear on the pieces and parts within the system, and with greater wear and tear come a higher utilization of electricity to power the system.

HVAC systems benefit from maintenance, and further, benefit from upgrades. If you’re looking to make headway on prolonged cost savings, you might want to consider the modernization retrofit of your current HVAC solution. Variable frequency drives and digital controls upgrade the capabilities of older equipment for better performance without large capital investment from you. Retrofitting the ancillary equipment of your HVAC system can certainly be cause of an immediate impact on your bottom line. Modernization of aging HVAC equipment is inherently designed to deliver lower energy costs, as well as minimize mechanical wear and, ultimately extend the life of your equipment.

Have you recently undergone other physical change in the workplace that might require a HVAC professional to assess your actual up-to-date usage needs?

Have any of these pointed operative measures changed:

  • Square footage modifications
  • Hours of operation
  • Additional heating & cooling loads
  • Occupancy levels

If you answered yes to any of these bullets, call us today and we’ll let you know if your HVAC system is being overworked.

Our studies show that most office buildings experience an energy cost is $2–3 per square foot per year. Healthcare properties are one of the most expensive energy consumption environments, usually coming in at around $11 per square foot per year. A typical building can cut its total energy use by up to 15% by implementing low cost measures and over 45% by implementing deeper retrofit measures. Such retrofit projects can reduce operating costs, and improve occupant comfort with a host of other benefits, which we’ll outline below.

Keep in mind, a building doesn’t have to be new to be operatively efficient. Property owners are retrofitting their buildings, and converting them into archetypes of sustainability, which fuels a more fundamentally sound bottom line. While most building owners still follow individual technology improvements, smart owners package energy saving technologies to get serious savings through lower energy consumption and operating costs. In general, improvements are essentially paid for through vast energy savings over time.

How can Suburban’s equipment modernization, retrofit, and optimization services provide value to you?

Let’s put it this way: You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re overlooking the value contained in the working environment you’ve positioned yourself, your business, and your employees in.

Here’s what a properly modernized and retrofitted HVAC system can do for you:

  • Maximum system efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Increase value of building assets
  • Drive down operative costs and maintenance expenses
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Increased comfort leads to increased employee productivity

Carrier New England AC Upgrade Program

Air Conditioning Upgraid

Let Suburban install a qualifying Carrier furnace AND install a new or replacement Carrier A/C condensing unit, then receive one of these rebates!

AC UpgrAID rebates may be earned in any one of the following ways:

  • Purchase a Carrier furnace with outdoor unit, and include a Carrier IAQ product
  • Purchase a Carrier Inverter A/C System
  • Purchase a Greenspeed Heat Pump System
  • Purchase a qualified Carrier Humidification Product
Furnace System$200 To $600
Inverter A/C System$1000
Greenspeed Heat Pump System$1000 to $1200
Humidification Control$50

* Only one rebate may be applied to an individual qualifying system; rebates may not be combined. Rebate check will be mailed to the consumer within 30-45 days of receipt of valid rebate coupon. Rebate offered from participating dealers only.

Equipment must be installed between 8/15/16 – 5/31/17.

Rebate coupon must be received by DCNE by 6/16/17.

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor Checklist

Listen, we understand the conscious need to make sure we’re keeping as much money as we can in our own wallet. Finances are tight. And we want to remain as financially solvent as possible.

We get asked from time-to-time if it really matters who installs and maintains an HVAC system. Sure, it may seem like a mundane subject, but the long and short of it is, yes, it does matter. If it didn’t truly believe that, we wouldn’t be in the business offering our services.

Does it really matter which physician you see for your annual physical? Or how about that surgeon that’s about to replace that ailing hip or knee? Care to leave that to chance in the spirit of saving an incremental amount of money? You want the best, right? Of course you do.

commercial-markets-suburbanThe same logic applies to the immediate environment around you. It’s true. The air that you’re breathing has a literal effect on your personal health. If you’re leaving that to chance, who knows what detriment you’re doing to yourself simply by utilizing the function of your lungs and breathing in whatever is in the air around you. The key word there is “whatever.” That is never the right attitude to have about ANYTHING.

Here are some questions you SHOULD be asking when contracting out your HVAC installation and service needs:

  • Are there employee background checks in place?
  • Are the proper insurances and licenses in order?
  • Can you talk to me about the task of pulling permits?
  • What sorts of factory authorized training and certifications do you put the crew through?
  • Is my satisfaction 100% guaranteed?
  • What’s your track record like? How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide me with referrals and/or references?
  • Is your service department dependable and accessible?
  • Can you help assist me with rebates?

Don’t be shy to ask these questions. They’re invaluable to a consumer looking to make an educated choice. The contractor you choose should be as important if not more important than the actual products you’re looking to install/service.

By hiring an educated, certified contractor that really cares about their work, you:

  • Save money on future visits because it’s done right the first time.
  • Save money on utility bills due to a properly installed and maintained heating and cooling system that runs at an optimally efficient level.
  • Save money on medical bills that arise from an improperly conditioned living environment (poor air quality).
  • Can take comfort.

By choosing Suburban for all of your HVAC needs you can be confident in the peace of mind we provide you, and know that you’ll be taken care of 24/7/365. There’s a reason we were honored with The Carrier President’s Award for Excellence – the highest honor in our industry. That reason is you, the customer, and our desire to make sure you’re in good hands.

Contact us today.

Introducing Ecovent

Environmental Web

EcoVentIn most homes, the heating and cooling system is controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat that is typically located at a convenient and easily-accessible spot within one of the main living areas. Makes sense right? It’s something that gets used a lot, so why not put it somewhere that’s easy to get to? There’s only one issue with this – something that unless you’ve been told, you probably never thought about.

Here’s a little secret about thermostats: they can only sense the air temperature at their exact location.

To better explain, imagine this – You’re in the study doing some reading. It’s freezing. You go out of the room and walk down the hallway to the thermostat. It tells you that it’s 73. Well, it may be 73 in the hallway, but it sure isn’t 73 in the study…

This type of situation is not uncommon. In fact, the typical residential home has an average of a 7-degree difference in temperature between floors. Cold spots, hot spots, and inconsistency is one of the most common problems in heating and cooling.

While you may be tempted to use a space heater or window air conditioner to remedy those spots, there is a better solution.

Enter Ecovent.

Ecovent enables you to achieve maximum control over your heating and cooling system to eliminate the “problem spots” that are currently a struggle to keep at the perfect temperature. With Ecovent, you can easily install (or even retrofit) your home’s existing vents with an intelligent zoning system that will cover every room in the house.

So how does it work?

Well, it’s simple really. The Ecovent system includes three simple components:

  1. A standard wall outlet sensor that reads and controls the environment of the room per your settings as specified via the central Smart Hub unit.
  2. The Smart Hub is controlled through a mobile application that you can download and access with any handheld device (your smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.). Your Smart Hub dynamically communicates with your existing WiFi powered thermostat to send signals to either open or close the vents in the areas in which the Ecovent has been installed. (If you don’t have a “smart” thermostat, don’t worry, we can help you out with options to obtain one).
  3. Vents which are installed wirelessly. They’re powered by 4 AA batteries, which last 3-5 years. Don’t worry, when the batteries are low, an alert will be sent right to your device.

full_stack_square_webEcovent is the prime solution for effectively and efficiently providing the different “zones” in your home with exactly what you need to achieve maximum comfort. It literally puts room-by-room comfort in the palm of your hand.

Give us a call today to discuss any questions you might have regarding the Ecovent system. We’re happy to schedule a consult, and have you up and running in no time at all.

Ecovent: Built by rocket scientists (literally) to deliver real comfort you can feel. This system is taking smart heating and cooling to the next level.

Contact us today for more information (or for any questions you may have)!