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The Boschand Buderus brands of heating components.

Boilers and water heaters providing low operating cost — and low emissions.

It’s the most efficient, environmentally friendly form of gas home heating available in Massachusetts today. Bosch’s contemporary line of condensing boilers usually pay for themselves in only two to five years.

Bosch Thermotechnology manufactures both the Bosch and the Buderus brands of gas boilers, and Suburban – your trusted MA source for all your home heating and cooling needs – offers both to our homeowner customers.

Depending on your need, you may benefit most from:

  • A Buderus gas-fired boiler with an 85% efficiency rating.
  • Or consider the Bosch line of condensing gas boilers which ultra-efficient ultra-clean, ultra-reliable, boasting upwards of a 95% efficiency rating – important as you seek MA energy rebates.

Why do we recommend Bosch/Buderus?

One of the key reasons is their industry-leading warranty: A lifetime guarantee for the heat exchanger, and five years for parts and labor.

Allow the Suburban team to assist you in selecting the right component for your home. Again, we’re the go-to certified service providers in Massachusetts and are fully committed to providing you the right solution at the right price.

You can trust us to help you select and to install the right system for your home.

  • High efficiency (up to 95%!)
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Compact designs
  • Intelligent control options
  • Industry leading warranties

Take Comfort With Suburban.

diamond-logoSuburban: an Accredited Bosch Contractor

While many contractors install hot water heating systems, Suburban is the industry leader in professionally installing home components in a manner that enables them to reach their highest efficiency levels.

Suburban is one of the select Accredited Bosch Contractors in the Greater Boston area. We have met Bosch’s highest level of training, technical expertise and quality service.


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