Taking Advantage of Mass Save Benefits Packages

mass save incentives

Are you a Massachusetts resident? Do you own, or are you thinking about actively seeking new, higher efficiency energy solutions for your home or business? If you answered yes to both of these questions, here’s the follow-up: Are you aware of the Mass Save program?  In short, there are some excellent benefits to be had for updating your heating and cooling environment. Putting a bit of coin back in our pocket is something we can all take comfort in (on top of realizing a more comfortable surrounding environment to reside in)!

As a Massachusetts resident/taxpayer, you’re paying for the benefit, so you might as well utilize it if and where you can. Let’s get you caught up…

Scheduling Your Free Energy Assessment

Yes, in order to fully realize the Mass Save benefits, you must first schedule an assessment with Mass Save so they can gather intel about the energy consumption/displacement of your property. Not to worry though, it’s fairly painless, and you’ll likely even learn a thing or two. (And who doesn’t love learning new things?)

What to expect from the typical Mass Save Energy Audit:

  • The assessment usually takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
  • You (as well as any other “decision makers” of the property being evaluated should be present at the assessment.
  • The specialist will help you develop an energy savings plan and explain applicable incentives.
  • You will receive a personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements of the property.
  • Installation of no-cost immediate savings measures such as light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and water saving devices, as needed.
  • Screening for eligibility for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate.
  • Air sealing and insulation specification, if applicable.
  • Infrared testing, if applicable.
  • Combustion safety testing.

What exactly are these rebates we speak of?

There are many. We at Suburban are happy to talk you through them, and we’ll even do our part to help you leverage them when you work with us to initiate your home or business heating and cooling needs. We are the proud recipients of Carrier President’s Award for Excellence, and yield at nothing to make sure you’re heating and cooling system installation and maintenance is, quite simply, working for you. And, we’re also in the business of making sure the Mass Save program is working for you simultaneously.

Here are a few immediate rebates of interest:

  • Earn 75% (up to $2,000) toward the installation of approved insulation improvements.
  • Up to a $500 rebate on a qualified electric mini-split heat pump system.
  • Up to a $750 rebate on electric heat pump water heaters.
  • Up to a $500 rebate for residential electric customers that install a qualified high-efficiency central air conditioning system and/or a central heat pump.
  • Up to a $100 rebate for wireless enabled thermostats and up to $25 for programmable thermostats.
  • Up to a $1,200 rebate for upgrading heating and water heating equipment (oil or propane).
  • Up to a $1,600 rebate for upgrading heating and water heating equipment (gas).
  • Up to $3,500 in rebates are available for replacing aging, functional, inefficient heating and cooling equipment. (Early replacement of this equipment is the often the best policy – think ahead, don’t get caught in a bind in an inopportune situation!)

But how can I afford this stuff NOW?

We’re glad you asked. It’s not as hard, or as stressful as you might think. Investing in a more efficient heating and cooling system is not only easy to get into right now, it’s also going to save you countless dollars on into the future.

At this very moment you can apply for a 0%, 7-year loan to obtain and install the proper equipment for your residence up to $25,000. Seem to good to be true? It isn’t. We can help you navigate these waters – from consultation, to scheduling appointments, to helping you gain approval independent of income for a loan, to providing the equipment, to professional, award winning installation, and maintenance – Suburban is the only choice you need to make that will literally bring you more comfort in your day-to-day.

Again, as a taxpaying resident of Massachusetts, you’re paying for Mass Save to exist, now’s your time to recoup some of that. Utilize it to save money now, and on down the line. It truly is a win-win situation.

As always, contact us at Suburban with any questions or concerns. We’re on your side because we want you to remain on ours. Your comfort is our comfort each an everyday – no matter the season, no matter the weather.